Herold Druck in Vienna

Herold Druck in Vienna is one of the most innovative and specialized companies in the production of newspapers and semi-commercials. The range of services provided includes high-performance pre-printing as well as all services associated with printing, from shipping to mailing services. After investments in UV technology, Herold Druck is now a leader in the future-oriented trend in newspaper printing.

This means, it is possible to print on papers with high degrees of whiteness and gloss at the same time as high levels of colour brilliance. Herold Druck invested in an automatic transport system for stocking the relevant paper rolls. This project was implemented in conjunction with out Finnish partner Raumaster Paper Oy, who we ideally complement in the implementation of fully-automatic paper transport systems. The Herold Druck plant undertakes all work stages from the introduction and detection of paper rolls, their transport and provision on the printing machine, up to the usage of an automatic roll store as a buffer store. These are served by an automatically operating Scheffer crane. The centre piece is the warehouse management system that interconnects all elements of the plant. Every paper roll is manipulated by a 6 m gripper arm. This is specially designed for carefully transporting paper and offers a uniform distribution of the pressure, just as the electrical actuators on the gripper and the smooth start-up of the crane guarantee optimum protection for the paper roll.

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