Efficiency down to the last detail

Load-stabilised crane technology for swing-free materials handling

Lastberuhigte KrantechnikMaterials handling equipment is increasingly gaining ground as the link between individual production processes. This is because optimising transport systems can have a considerable impact on material processing times. In the steel industry, in particular, where materials often have to be transported over long distances, conveying loads quickly from A to B is extremely important. Scheffer’s load-stabilised crane systems are specifically designed to meet these requirements.

What does load stabilisation mean?

Normally, the cables run directly downwards over pulleys to suspension points on the load-handling equipment. In this case, accelerating and braking during transport causes undesirable swinging movements. To prevent the cables from moving, we tension them in such a way that the load only swings to the side if considerable lateral forces are exerted. This stabilises the material, meaning that it can travel in any direction without swinging.



Our patented ‘Made by Scheffer’ load-stabilisation technology considerably improves the following key materials handling factors: efficiency, safety and availability.

Swing-free cable tensioning affords a much faster travel speed while ensuring maximum precision when positioning the load. This makes it possible to travel manually to many different positions in a short time, without having to wait for the load to stop swinging. By stabilising the load, the systems can also be operated in semi- or fully automatic modes. This is an attractive solution for many of our customers, particularly for warehouse management, which involves a large number of different positions.
If the material does not swing, there is no risk of unpredictable swinging movements. As such, the operator always has an ideal overview of the situation and can work quickly and effectively. As most of our crane systems are operated by remote control, operators can control the transportation of loads from a safe distance. Scheffer’s load-stabilised crane systems therefore help to improve occupational health and safety.
We are well aware that a system can only be as good as its availability. As we want the aforementioned advantages of swing-free transport systems to bring about the desired improvement in efficiency, we also make sure that our systems offer maximum reliability. We achieve this mainly by using tried-and-tested components and ensuring optimum interaction between the system parts. Should one of our load-stabilised crane systems happen to break down, we can use state-of-the-art software to take a look inside the crane anywhere in the world in just a few minutes. This way, we offer our customers seamless support that solves the problems.
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