In modern companies, more and more work steps are being automated. As a result, the demand for automated crane systems and in-house transport systems is also increasing noticeably from year to year.
In terms of Industry 4.0, this is intended to counteract the shortage of skilled workers, ensure occupational safety, increase productivity, ensure consistent quality and reduce damage or wear.
At Scheffer, we also offer individual solutions in this area, which are designed in close cooperation with the customer. Because in the end, the automatic system should fully comply with the process requirements. In the past, for example, Scheffer was already automatic
Transport systems for pipe pickling plants, automatically operated grab cranes, automated grab cranes for cement plants and waste incineration plants, or automatic cranes built for various storage systems.

The success of Scheffer's automatic systems speaks for itself and is fundamentally based on the advantage that even the software from Scheffer comes from within the company.

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Scheffer WMS for automized crane operated storages

Range of services expanded

To expand its range of services, Scheffer has now developed its own Warehouse Management system for bulk goods and burden cranes.

The SchefferWMS is a higher-level software-based warehouse management system for the operation of automated crane warehouses with interfaces to crane control. In accordance with the requirements of many customers, all material movements can be comprehensively traced by the ERP used, and departments such as scheduling, work preparation, logistics and sales can view and take into account the production and warehouse situation in real time.

The front end is a Universal Windows app that enables a touch-optimized and visually appealing and intuitive operation of the software.

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