Salzgitter in Hamburg

The firm of Salzgitter Stahlhandel – at its Hamburg location – reacted to the continually increasing demands of modern steel-trading by investing in two new load-stabilised Scheffer cranes with magnetic lifting equipment. We would like to report here particularly on the Scheffer crane with 2 x 6.3 t load-carrying capacity and a span of approx. 18 m.

The special challenge in this case was that the unloading of steel profile girders from ships using magnetic lifting equipment was specified as the main task. One of the load-stabilised crane supplied by Scheffer is fitted with magnetic lifting equipment which complies with the requirements of EN 13155. This European standard specifies a special design of the magnetic lifting equipment, and requires the redundant arrangement of the magnetic lifting equipment for the loading and unloading of ships. This means that in the event of failure of one technical system (e.g. control components, power supply to the magnets or the windings in the magnetic coil), a second, equivalent and independent system must immediately take over, without allowing the load to fall. By developing and supplying a technically convincing concept, Scheffer has once again ensured that loading and unloading of ships can and will be carried out efficiently in future with the crane and magnet solution supplied by Scheffer to Salzgitter Stahlhandel in Hamburg.


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