Nagev galvanizing plant in Hungary

Just behind the city limits of Budapest in Ócsa the largest and most modern hot dip galvanizing plant in Hungary is situated, belonging to NAGEV.

Meiser Gitterroste in Limbach

The year 1956 is entered in the certificate of incorporation of the Meiser family company based in Schmelz-Limbach in Saarland. The birthday cake for the leading manufacturer of gratings must have been very impressive this year with its 55 candles. Just as impressive were the investment measures undertaken as part of the conversion and expansion programme “MEISER in Limbach 2011” with a total volume of 40 million euro.

Azenco Galvanizing Plant in Azerbaijan

Together with our partner KVK Koerner, who was the general contractor for this project, we succeeded in the year 2010 in an interesting and very exciting project, the construction of a new galvanizing plant in Baku, Azerbaijan. Why was it exciting? For us, it was a new and up to this point unknown world.

Société Bretonne de Galvanisation in France

Using a galvanizing bath with a magnitude of 16.8 x 2.3 x 3.4 m, our customer SBG (Société Bretonne de Galvanisation) in France set the standard in regard to system size and the dimensions of the individual component to be galvanized.

Hot dip galvanizing plant Dieren

After a construction period of one year, the new fully automatic hot dip galvanizing plant Dieren in the Dutch city of Spankeren was completed in 2010. The main features of this new hot dip galvanizing plant are its size and efficiency. The inside dimensions of the zinc boiler are 13,3 x 1,8 x 2,9 m and the pre-treatment baths are as much as 20 m long.

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