OBO Bettermann

The company, OBO Bettermann, a leading manufacturer of 30,000 articles for the areas of electrical installation, has the main place of business in Menden in the Sauerland und has approximately 2,100 employees. The company operates two galvanizing plants for its own requirements. One of the two galvanizing plants is located in the immediate neighbourhood in Iserlohn/ Sümmern, the other is in Bugy, Hungary.

A completely new production factory with approximately 40,000 m² has been set up at the main headquarters in Menden in 2009. A fully automated galvanization line, amongst other items, has been set up here: Scheffer Krantechnik has received the order for its supply. The company OBO Bettermann and also Scheffer encourages responsibility for Germany as a place of business.

You can also use our knowledge at a very early stage for your project
Scheffer, as a competent partner for transportation technology, was already asked at a very early stage by the company OBO Bettermann to work together with them on the requirement analysis and also on the concept for a layout for the new completely automated galvanization line. The company OBO Bettermann clearly opted for an engineering contract after the first basic talks with our contact partners at OBO Bettermann and also after several reference visits. This type of engineering contract also includes the creation of the overall layout, in addition to the exact analysis of requirements. This means, not only for the trade of transportation technology, but also for the trades of pre-treatment, heat technology, the zinc vat and accessories. These criteria were taken into consideration with the integration details concerning the shape of the plot of land, its size and possible building measurements.

Also included in this basic engineering:

  • Foundation and roof load plans
  • Creation of a path-time diagram based on jointly defined production parameters
  • A basic schedule
  • Working out the first budget figures

The information package enabled OBO to use the data and facts at a very early stage, including for other trades. As such, the company received reliable values and costs for calculating the project. A number of our customers have used this option in the past to acquire such an engineering package for their project and to use the resulting advantages for themselves. This type of engineering contract is settled after completion of services and is regarded as being independent from a potential contract award.

Technical Guide

Kettle dimensions 7,5 m x 1,4 m x 3,5 m
Dips per hour 7 – 8
System load-bearing capacity 2 x 3.200 kg
Main components
  • 2 distribution cranes

  • 6 lifting and lowering stations

  • 7 drive units • 20 turntables

  • approx. 280 m monorail system

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