Zincpot Estonia

We have built another completely automated contract galvanizing plant in Estonia, in close collaboration with our partner KVK Koerner. The new plant is on the Paldiski peninsula, directly at the Baltic Sea in front of the gates of the national capital Tallinn. Approximately 8,000 tons of steel are automatically galvanized since spring of 2009 in a zinc kettle with a length of 7.0 m, a width of 1.5 m and a depth of 2.8 m.

A completely automated after-treatment handling line was integrated for the first time in this project. A decision can be made after the galvanizing process whether the white material has to be after treated or not. If after-treatment takes place, a drive unit places the white goods traverse on a four part chain conveyor which is also used as a cooling track. If the material has reached the suitable temperature, a crane integrated into the automation concept takes over the white goods traverse from the chain conveyor and immerses it briefly into the post-treatment baths. This crane then automatically lifts up the goods again and places them onto another chain conveyor which times the goods back to in the normal process cycle.

Technical Guide

Kettle dimensions 7,0 m x 1,5 m x 2,8 m
Dips per hour 4 – 5
System load-bearing capacity 2 x 3.200 kg
Main components
  • 1 distribution crane

  • 5 lifting and lowering stations

  • 7 drive units

  • 12 turntables

  • approx. 185 m monorail system


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