Heek galvanizing plant

„„Continuous achievement and development of quality, as well as innovative manufacturing processes in combination with a market-conform entrepreneurial spirit have made Lichtgitter one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of gratings and perforated metal planks.“ This is how Lichtgitter presents itself on its website

„According to Scheffer, the company deserves full marks for its endeavours, and therefore Scheffer wants to congratulate Lichtgitter who just recently opened its brandnew fully automated galvanizing plant in Heek, which is the third such factory of Lichtgitter. In 2001, when the first galvanizing plant was under construction, the Lichtgitter management decided to contract Scheffer for the provision of the transport equipment. Following this very good collaboration in 2001, Scheffer was commissioned by Lichtgitter for its latest plant with 50 new jobs in the Munsterland region. Scheffer was delighted with this vote of confidence and is looking forward to many more projects with Lichtgitter and the galvanizing plant in Heek.

Technical Guide

Kettle dimensions 8,5 m x 1,6 m x 3,7 m
Dips per hour 7
System load-bearing capacity 2 x 2.500 kg
Main components
  • 2 distribution cranes

  • 6 lifting and lowering stations

  • 7 drive units • 12 turntables

  • approx. 240 m monorail system

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