Verzinkerei Rhein Main GmbH & Co. KG

The customer wanted to substantially downscale throughput times at their location in Groß Rohrheim, Germany by searching for a new internal logistics strategy. This is the reason why they asked the advice and help of Scheffer Krantechnik.

After a detailed startingphase, we were given the contract for supplying a semi-automatic two-fold doublechain conveyor with a built-in lift loweringstation and transverse transfer unit. The idea was to buffer the white goods arriving on a chain conveyor. Then they would either be sent to the lift lowering station for stripping or the entire white goods transverse would be timed to a second chain conveyor built into the system that is in the next connected hall. Finally, the white tranverses would be transferred from one hall nave to the next. This had the added benefit of boosting the galvanising quality since all of the workingstations were close to one another in the machinist’s goods zone.

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